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Lawn mowing & grass cutting services for homes, holiday lets & commerical grounds in the area of Wadebridge, Rock and Polzeath.
Spring lawn with sculptures at Withiel House

5* Lawn Mowing Service in Cornwall

We provide lawn mowing for homes & holiday lets across much of North Cornwall. Many of our customers have been with us for nearly 10 years because we provide hassle-free service that doesn't let people down. Mowing is one of our core services and as such we run a dedicated crew for grass cutting during the season. You can expect a high quality and reliable service for residential and holiday properties in the areas of Wadebridge, Rock and Polzeath in Cornwall.

Our Core Lawn & Grass Cutting Services:

Weekly Mowing

Mowing is one of our core services and as such we run a dedicated crew for grass cutting during the season. You can expect a high quality and reliable service for residential and holiday properties across Cornwall.

Changeover Day Cuts

We provide a top quality lawn care and mowing service to keep lawns in tip top condition. Currently, we look after properties such as Tremeer Gardens, St Tudy, Withiel Sculpture Garden and many other stunning gardens

Ride On Grass Cutting

We possess the substantial capability to efficiently mow very large lawns; however, we exclusively employ a mulching mower, thereby providing this specialized service exclusively on a weekly basis.
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Leave The Grass Cutting To Us

Why Hire A Professional Lawn Mowing Service?

John Deere ride-on mower after cutting lawn in Port Isaac, Cornwall.
Cut lawn overlooking sea
Save time, money, and hassle by hiring professionals. Cornwall's garden care experts provide efficient, expert services, ensuring your lawn thrives while you enjoy precious moments. Professional care prevents future issues, offers financial benefits, and transforms your garden into a stress-free haven
  • Save Time: Professional services in Cornwall free up your weekends, providing a well-maintained lawn at competitive rates. Enjoy treasured moments, competitive rates, and flexible schedules, unlocking a richer lifestyle.
  • Save Money: Investing in professional lawn care in Cornwall pays off in the long run. Prevent future issues, maintain your lawn's health, and receive expert advice for cost-effective garden management.
  • Save Hassle: Let Cornwall's lawn mowing services take the hassle out of your garden routine. Enjoy a pristine lawn without personal exertion, choose from a variety of services, and revel in a hassle-free selection process.
  • Holiday Home Service: Many of the lawn we care for are for private holiday home and lets because the owners live outside of Cornwall, it therefore makes sense to leave regualr gardening tasks, such as mowing to us. We do a great job and are trusted by the likes of Latitude 360 and Sykes.

Guidelines for Good Lawn Mowing

Adopt good lawn mowing practices in Cornwall for optimal results. Regularity, sharp blades, and avoiding mowing in wet conditions are essential for a healthy, luxurious lawn.

Key Steps in Mowing A Lawn:

  • Mow often: atleast weekly during the growing season, especially if mulching
  • Keep the blades sharp as blunt blades will damage the lawn - remeber that gras sis a plant that need care!
  • Mow in a different direction each time to mow to prevent ribbing or wheel marks in the lawn
  • When strimming, do not strim to low or scalp the edges. Consider leaving the strimming to every other cut or purchase a roller mower at it will glide along the edges of beds, eliminating or reducing the need for strimming.

Honest reviews from Real People

A quick message to say how very pleased we are with your renovation work which turned our weedy, uneven patch of grass into a proper lawn. We’re only amateur gardeners and found it difficult to weed and feed the lawn successfully. We are very relieved to know that we can now rely on you to provide the right lawn treatments at the right times and to scarify, aerate and reseed when necessary.
Brain & Annie Evans
We reached out to James and Cornish Lawns to help us maintain the gardens (lawns and hedges) around our Farm and two holiday cottages. After getting three quotes, we opted for Cornish Lawns and are glad we did. Friendly, reliable and cost effective, it was a very worthwhile investment, as our gardens have never looked so tidy.”
Dan Dufour

Frequently Asked Questions

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